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On May 19th of Theodor Landscheidt, one of the most scientific contributors to the field of astrology in the 20th century, died.

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During the past two decades he was known as a radical climatologist who operated outside the academic institutions and actually made bold predictions, many of which were quite accurate. Landscheidt studied philosophy and natural science, earned a doctorate at the University of Gottingen, had a career as West German High Court Judge, and was the director of the Schroeter Institute for Research in Cycles of Solar Activity.

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His deeper interests, however, concerned an understanding of the entire cosmos as a kind of living cybernetic system, an organic whole that exchanges information and continually adjusts itself. In order to bring some of his very broad ideas to life, he came to develop a heliocentric model for climatology. The gravitational forces of the planets tug on the Sun and pull it away from the center of mass producing a series of complex motions, the simplest of which is a year cycle of the solar orbit around the center of mass.

It turns out that a major sunspot cycle, the Seuss cycle, is of approximately that length, which supports the notion of a relationship between the planets and the Sun.

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  • Theodor landscheidt: Sun-Earth-Man and the Kepler ratios | Tallbloke's Talkshop?
  • Theodor Landscheidt.
  • Take this a bit further and you have solar activity affecting climate on Earth, for which there is much data. What Landscheidt did was to put this planet-Sun-Earth combination together and make actual predictions of El Nino and other regular, short-term climate phenomena. He personally financed the research work of his institute.

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    He was 50 years ahead of his time. A forecast experiment covering the period - was checked by the Space Environment Center, Boulder, Colorado, and the astronomers Gleissberg, Wohl, and Pfleiderer.

    A forecast in that the sunspot activity would get weaker past also turned out to be correct. The current th sunspot cycle reached only mean level - although a panel of experts had predicted a sunspot maximum as high as in the preceding cycles. Dependable forecasts of the Sun's activity, based on solar cycles, made it possible for Landscheidt to correctly predict climatic phenomena years ahead of these events.

    Observing The Sun, Last Days of Solar Cycle 24. Memphis Astronomical Society

    His forecasts include the end of the great Sahelian drought; as well as a period of drought in the U. Extreme River Po discharges, beginning in October , were predicted 7 months before the event. In recipient of the.

    Theodor landscheidt: Sun-Earth-Man and the Kepler ratios | Tallbloke's Talkshop

    Award of the Edward R. Dewey Institute of Cycle Research, California, in recognition of "outstanding accomplishments in the field of Solar Cycle Research", and for "many contributions to the study of solar-terrestrial cycles.

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    Landscheidt around will be identified as "Landscheidt Minimum".