Narendra modi latest horoscope predictions

Thus, Narendra Modi is clear about his thoughts and can effectively convey what he wants to say. He has a clear vision about his future and can mostly implement it in a proper manner. ModiJi will change the look and feel of this country to a great extent towards positivity and beauty.

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Nostradamus predicted Modi's rule years ago, believes Kiren Rijiju - India News

Mars sits on the ascendant, that is Scorpio sign itself! Also Moon sits there. There is also an aspect of Rahu in Pisces. So mars are very strong, and want action and only action. It aspects 7th- so action could lead to new contacts and job growth. We know how narendra modi ji came from ranks from a humble tea seller to prime minister.

A tea seller has to be practical and if he is not action oriented- how could he reach the prime ministers position? With all this, moon represents his mind — absorbs all this energy. So his type of personality would have interest in spirituality is clear- and we know sri narendra modi left home for pursuing spirituality in Himalayas. Rahu, a rebellious planet- but in Pisces the 12th sign aspecting mars gives some anger issues possibly- but at the same time tilts the person to spirituality as 12th sign covers spirituality and after life.

In fact many elections he has made the party win. Mercury also deals with money management- he did it while in his training for RSS and yes obviously much needed in tea selling. A number 4 in heart give a non conventional streak in choice of matters. Can anyone contradict there facts? Some great Yogas in the Horoscope of sri narendra Modi ji?

Does sri Narendra modi Ji have Amla Yoga? How does it affect his life? How does it effect his life? How does it have results in his life? Does sri Narendra Modi ji- Have kemadruma Yoga in his kundli? What does the seventh house of Narendra Modi Ji say about him? That is the Saturn energy which makes the person focused and gives the person able to deliver in a disciplined fashion and also mars energy that creates conflict with Saturn Shani and it gives basic haste and aggression to the person.

This boldness and courage are obvious in these decisions. Plus it is ruled by the planet sun. This Nakshatra has all the energies of Sun and very strong energy of sun free and yes good and benefic energies of planet Jupiter guru as well.

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Narendra Modi ji is a great friend of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. It helps to make him or Narendra Modi ji do good to people and society.

Plus yes he lives with dignity and leaders with dignity. Also, this Nakshatra makes Sri Narendra Modi ji want to help humanity which is definitely true for him. What to expect from Sri Narendra Modi ji in and ? What do people say about Him This is what Wikipedia says about him Narendra Damodardas Modi born 17 September is the 15th and current Prime, in office since 26 May He led the BJP in the general election, which gave the party a majority in the Lok Sabha the lower house of the Indian parliament — a first for any party since — and was credited for October BJP electoral victories in the states of Haryana and Maharashtra.

He used to run a tea stall with his brother in his childhood Mars Karka for coborns with Moon in Lagna and 3rd Lord Saturn in the 10th house with Venus confirms the same. Venus in Leo sign is also not good for marriage Being a dry sign. Hence I am taking the Scorpio Vargottam Navamsha only. As it explains well the Placement of planets for his becoming the Prime minister. Jupiter the 2nd and 5th lord in Lagna. Lagna Lord placed in the 9th house aspected by Jupiter by 9th strong aspect..

Narendra Modi Horoscope -- Sri Vilambi Nama Samvatsara 2018 - 2019 -- Bhakthi TV

Vargottam Lagna matches his qualities of hard work and Patience. Sun is also DK. Moon Mahadasha in Vimshottari started from and will continue till What stars foretell for Modi in months to come? Dasha Lords are Moon -Rahu. Gives Status Rise. Affliction to the 6th, 3rd and the 11th house is another malefic Parameter in the Progression chart for Narendra Modi.

All the Above indicates Anguish, Pain. A difficult year for N Modi till Sept.

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Rahu getting connected to the 3rd house and having aspect of Mars and Saturn in the Progression chart cure of Ailments by Surgical interventions , specially when the 6th Lord Mercury is in vishghati and is with Sun. The above Predictions will hold good if the time of Birth is correct and depends upon the Authenticity.

Birth Details of the Celebrities are seldom correct. As Per Natal Chart after 27th Oct. Even the Year Sept.

The Worry is till Sept. The Dasha in operation will be Moon-Venus from the 26th Oct.

Shri Narendra Modi

This Dasha is Rajyoga giving Dasha. Dasha Lords Connected to the 11th house. From the above it is crystal clear that the Vedic Progression chart of the year Sept to Sept. Let us also have a look at the chart of Congress and the progression chart to see what could emerge in the Polls. Let us study the same. Now let have a look at the Vedic Progression chart to see what could emerge in Polls for the Congress Party from the year Jan to Jan See the Degrees of Saturn and Venus and in Transit both similar position.


“Turbulent Atmosphere” Ahead of 12222 Polls :Stars Foretell Narendra Modi Still The Winner

Venus is also the Lagna Lord and a Female sign. Till Venus is in affliction is another Parameter which is most malefic for India and till it reaches the sign Libra may pose issues for the Ruling Govt. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address.