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You could face once such period in the next 30 days, Scorp. Where can you find the strength and initiative needed to evolve? A desire for some serious spring cleaning will finally hit this month, Sagittarius.

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Clear away any old modes of living that interfere with more recent goals, make a pact to drink more water, and please, oh please, find a list app that actually helps you keep track of your tasks. Ride it out and watch your sleep schedule improve for it. This organization will be crucial to riding out the full moon on the 18th which could hit you in a very private, existential part of your mind. The new moon on the 4th will urge you to get back in touch with your passions — the projects and hobbies that light something genuine and truly personal within you.

Cultivate and see these pursuits through as the month goes on, even if it means sharing your earnest hopes and dreams with others.

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By the full moon on the 18th, your thoughts will have turned toward the people, rather than the pastimes, who light up your life. Make time on the 6th to host visitors and be prepared to give them the full tour of your home life. You may even crack open a photo album or two. Hit the Container Store, zero in on the items that spark genuine joy, and splurge on an ambiance-creating candle.

Most Water Bearers like to fancy themselves minimalists or at the very least, not wasteful , but you can cozy up your casa without being too extravagant. No matter how uncomfortable you are with the spotlight trained on you, make the most of it in the way only a Pisces can: crack your especially odd jokes, ask for feedback on your wild ideas, heck, even tell your friends about that wacky dream you had. Was your April horoscope on point? Have a look back, here. Your May Horoscope is Here. By Melanie Fiver May 01, am. Pin FB ellipsis More.

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Image zoom. Close Share options. Watch out for blasts from the past in the middle of the month, when Venus—the planet of love, beauty, and money—moves into Taurus on May Venus is all about romance, but for the next several weeks, this planet will be focusing on nostalgia. Your trip down memory lane should not turn into an extended stay. A full Moon in Scorpio occurs on May 18 and after all of these sentimental feels, this lunation will actually feel energizing.

In fact, they exist right in your own backyard. This extra padding in your wallet will be well-timed.

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When your birthday season kicks off at the end of the month, you're ready to celebrate. You may decide to sign up for a course of study that will make changes in your learning curve. Happy Birthday, Dear One. Is it your money, my money or our money? That question is spinning in your gray matter. Because dollars are often used as a mental stimulus for you, that question bears no threat. Rather it promises a new way of looking at resources and how to use them. Try something different this may with money.

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  4. Who knows, you may come up with a new way of making decisions. It may seem that life resembles a boulder blocking the mouth of a cave. That would be a cave that is holding you prisoner. This is a good time to do an assessment of the past months. Check off the events.

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    What wisdom have you gained during this time? What are the new responsibilities that you have gained mastery over? Yes, life may continue to be heavy like a boulder but remind yourself often that you are in this world but not of it. There is uniqueness in friendships this month. Reconnect with old friends and be open to the cultivation of new friendships. Rather stay open and let others pick and choose you. You may pull in some questionable characters. Additionally, open up to group activities. You may find yourself acting as a leader.

    Use the golden rule now.

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    Love unconditionally and remember, to feel loved you must love. You will receive accolades from those you do love.

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    Ask any artist how to paint and they will tell you first to back away from the canvas and second to find your perspective point. Your perspective point is now found in backing away from the every day grind and having good old down home philosophical discussions with many people. Be sure to choose to talk with some experts. Your mind is like a central switchboard until June.