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The more research you do, the better, so be a detective and try to pin down new facts and information, especially any involving your present financial arrangements.

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The full Moon in your sign on the 21st is telling you to launch new plans, and Mercury's direct motion on the 28th is also a signal to take action. March Thinking progressively and proactively is what it's all about near the 16th—and don't hesitate to make sure that your voice is heard. You have very promising aspects where property- and home-related affairs are concerned on the 20th. Venus's entrance into Pisces on the 26th is urging you to focus on harmonizing with those who work for and with you. With the Sun and new Moon ensconced in the part of your solar chart related to entertainment and social fun, it would be easy to float through the first 3 weeks of March in a happy daze, but Mars in Taurus probably won't let you.

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Partners are likely to be in an action-oriented mindset and, in fact, joint endeavors and creative ventures promise to be highly rewarding. Indulge in some needed private time near the 20th, and get busy with new plans at month's end. March Now is the time to back up your words with actions—and aspects involving Mars and Pluto on the 20th indicate that others will be very much in your corner.

The 21st promises to be a time when your ability to be supportive and generous will work in your favor; and your stars are telling you to follow your heart when Venus enters Pisces on and after the 26th. The new Moon at the nadir of your solar chart on the 6th is a harbinger of positive change in personal and home-related matters.

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And with jaunty Jupiter now strongly situated in your birth sign, your inborn optimism is carrying you forward in your life towards greater happiness. Even if you're pushing the limits near the 15th, the full Moon of the 20th and 21st promises great results. And with Mercury turning direct on the 28th, all signs point to go. March The more focused you are on the 19th, the better, as you seem to have the wind at your back. With a full Moon in Libra that peaks on the 20th and 21st, it's also time to get out and about to do some serious networking.

Venus's entrance into Pisces on the 28th is a wonderful augury of happiness at home. March can be a particularly inspiring month for you, but be careful not to expect instant results.

New ideas will be bubbling up in your head but with Mercury, the mind planet, out of sync until month's end, formulating and clarifying them will be quite a challenge. Still, your aspects near the 20th indicate that you will begin to get the kinds of responses and results that you're hoping for, and the full Moon of the 21st draws the right kind of attention your way. March You're in a stronger position than you realize near the 19th, so don't hold back. Don't fail to be diplomatic at the same time, since the full Moon in Libra which spans the 20th and 21st is all about harmonizing while still going after your goals.

With Venus—the planet of romance—entering the most verbal angle of your solar chart, it's also time to focus on communicating.

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Lovely Venus is in your birth sign this month, and your best attributes will be apparent to all. March is a time to get more organized and focused on practical issues that affect your fortunes—but Mercury's backwards motion will make it difficult to get as specific as you would like. Aspire for the overview, and be ready to take action during the last week of the month. Mars in Taurus urges you to move forward with plans that involve lifestyle changes. March Aspects near the 18th through the 20th couldn't be more promising where personal- and home-related matters are concerned, so go ahead and pursue your agenda.

With Venus well-aspected in your sign near the 20th, your charm is amplified, and you won't fail to get others to go along with your plans.


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What's more, it's time to get out and have a bit of fun. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Design by Michael Stillwell. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Pisces: February March Left : Nina Simone. Aries: March April Left : Maya Angelou. Taurus: April May Left : Audrey Hepburn. Gemini: May June Left: Josephine Baker. Cancer: June July Leo: July August Left: James Baldwin. Virgo: August September Left: Freddie Mercury.

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  • Libra: September October Left: Alfred Nobel. Scorpio: October November Left: Indira Gandhi. Sagittarius: November December Left: Bruce Lee. Give those social butterfly wings a rest and come in for a landing! But starting today, the outsize planet downshifts into Capricorn and your twelfth house of introspection endings and transitions. Liberally apply both elbow grease and creative juices today, as a motivating moon-Venus trine spurs a project to the finish line.

    Some midnight oil might also be needed, so let your friends know you might be a little late for cocktail hour—or that you'll have to catch up with them another time soon. You want this mission to sizzle, and that means thoroughly testing, editing and reviewing every important detail.

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    You've worked long and hard on this, Aquarius, and you might as well bring it to a fantastic finale! Did you recently dole out tough love to someone who was simply trying to please you?

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    Your heavy-handed approach could have taken the wind out of their sails. As the quarter moon in Pisces tugs at your heartstrings, you might realize that a more profuse apology is in order. How about offering to treat for brunch or a show? Feeling a little shortchanged in the LOL department these days?

    Your imagination is working overtime today, thanks to the Aries moon sparking up your third house of curiosity and self-expression. Just follow your muse and plan to do a reality check later.